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HOD Records (Pty) Ltd trading as HOD Records is an existing company, registered in South Africa in 2015, for the purpose of running a recording and entertainment company.
HOD Records was conceptualized by two passionate, committed and enthusiastic social entrepreneurs. This exciting business is the brainchild of Donald Tshepo Phallane. HOD Records is set up for the creation of jobs and economic development. It features key stakeholders such as the director and workers of the business. HOD Records will specialize in community upliftment with its community outreach programs, development and road shows. The company has a vision of lending assistance in community development and has a particular interest in early childhood development programs and youth development.
HOD Records wishes to give opportunities to small children and young people to equip them with skills in the following areas:
Singing, Playing a music instrument, Dancing, Dj'ing, Music production, Song writing, Music composition, Multimedia, Motivational speaking. We will be creating a safe place for children and the youth to be influenced positively. As we have seen an increase in the use of drugs and alcohol amongst the youth in our area and in South Africa as a whole.
The business consists of a very dynamic team. This business has one owner as previously mentioned. The owner are involved in the day-to-day running of the company.
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Song recording

The world of music has changed. Decades ago, if you were a musician, and you wanted to record an album… You and your band played your asses off in bars and clubs every night… And prayed that some big-shot producer in the audience who would impressed enough to give you a shot. But not anymore. Today, the trend in music production is shifting more and more toward home studios. Great music is being produced all the time in bedrooms, garages, and basements by normal folks like you and me… Often with little more than a computer, a USB mic, and some headphones. Record a song, post it online, watch it go viral and you’re famous overnight. While it’s not that EASY, it is that SIMPLE. But before any of that can happen, you must first know the process of how music actually is recorded.

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Okay, so you’re getting ready to start recording that next hit album. You’ve got the musicians lined up, you’ve scheduled your sessions. Now what? Do you jump right in and start recording? Easy there, Tiger. There’s an important step that needs to happen next — pre-production.

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Artist Management

A music manager's first task is to solidify all artist development aspects and then concentrate on product development.

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